Looking forward to the weekend

Looking to enjoying the weekend with the family.

So starting Sunday going to be working on:

  • Tutorial about a vase painting
  • Making a new onesie for my son
  • Uploading more of our items onto Etsy

Excited for the onesie since making cute clothes for babies, especially our own, is always great. The vase is going to be using a product & technique I've been wanting to do for ages, and just gotta put more stuff onto Etsy for ourselves.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Still changes to be done but work continues

Migrating our inventory over to Etsy is continuing. As is launching the new version of this website.

The new baby & having surgery has slowed down moving everything over but it'll hopefully be done before the end of the summer.

Glassware designs are coming along nicely. Besides the glasses that are going up some vases & serving dishes will be up soon.

Been working on new onesie designs for the baby (well of course going to make stuff for him!) and can't wait to share what our little lion cub is going to be wearing soon.

Have a great weekend!

Baby came early, on 'baby vacation'

Quick note:

So the baby came early so the website transitioning and everything else is being held off for now. Fun!